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What We Do

Every dog, cat and small animal is unique and although injuries and surgeries are similar, each animal responds differently. We combine continuous assessment and treatments to ensure that your animal receives a specific and individual rehabilitation programme.

Initial Consultation
£66 inc VAT
Follow-up Appointments
£57.50 inc VAT

Each programme starts with an Initial Consultation and Assessment which can last up to an hour.


Within this session our physiotherapists assess your pets mobility, neurological status, passive range of movement as well as palpating relevant soft tissue and joints to find areas of pain and tightness.

We will take a history of the animal’s condition from yourself, perform a physical examination of your pet and then prescribe an appropriate, science based, rehabilitation programme in line with your goals and expectations.

On-going treatment sessions are then provided depending on the animals individual needs.


We combine physiotherapy and hydrotherapy techniques as dictated by your pets needs. These treatment sessions last 45 minutes.

These session also aim to maintain the achievement made, whether that is maintaining muscle bulk, range of movement as well as keeping on top of ongoing conditions such as osteoarthritis. 

Block booking discounts are available, please discuss with your pet's physiotherapist.

Agility Dog Checks
£42 inc VAT

These sessions last for 30 minutes and involve a taking a base line assessment, including stance analyser measurements and gait analysis, as well as musculoskeletal checks

S & P Edney

Hannah and the team worked wonders with our Border Collie after she had a leg injury. Following physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, she is in full health and still enjoying competitive agility at the age of 9!

B Foster

Hannah at Burnside helped my dog, Bailey recover from a shoulder injury and later a groin strain. Sometimes you need a vet but when it's muscular you need an experienced physiotherapist and Burnside were absolutely amazing!

J Bullock

Both my dogs have been going to Burnside for 4 years. Wonderful service, very professional, everyone who works there are fab. I really don't think I would have Ben now if it wasn't for Hannah and Ambers leg doesn't bow out anymore.

Veterinary Referral

Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre work closely alongside your vet and any other professionals that are treating your animal. We feel it is very important that a multi-disciplinary approach is taken to rehabilitation as there are many aspects to any animals condition. Your animal will progress faster if everyone is aware of what is happening and we all work together.

We require veterinary consent for every animal that comes to see us. This is a legal requirement under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.

We are more than happy to contact your vet on your behalf to obtain this consent. The form can be downloaded from the top of this page or by clicking here. Please fill out as much information as you can about yourself, your pet and your veterinary practice. Then simply email or hand the form into us and we will contact your vet, ask for any relevant medical history and ask them to sign the form confirming that physiotherapy and hydrotherapy are suitable treatment options for your pet.

Case Studies

Abbie close.jpg


An eight year old Border Collie, who competes at agility, was referred with an injured front leg.

max close.jpg


A 12-year old Golden Retriever referred after a tear in his cranial cruciate ligament in one of his knees

alfie close.jpg


At six months of age Alfie started limping and was diagnosed by the vets as having Legge-Perthes disease in his hip.

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