Burnside Animal Rehabilitation centre offers physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for dogs, cats and other small animals. We are based in Fleet and take referrals from vets all over Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and beyond.

Our facilities include a hydrotherapy pool and dry treadmill, both of which are extremely useful tools in aiding your pets rehabilitation. Please see our
Treatments page for more details on what we can offer.

We pride ourselves on taking a multi-disciplinary approach and we will work closely with your vet, and any other professionals, during your pets rehabilitation. Before your pet can be treated by us we must have a signed consent form from your vet - please
click here to download a vet referral & consent form. Alternatively please call us and we will contact your vet on your behalf.

Your first appointment will include an assessment by one of our physiotherapists to ensure that any treatment plan formulated is specific and individual to your pets needs. This appointment can last up to 1 hour and will include treatment as appropriate.

The number of treatments needed after this initial consultation is dependent on your animal and its needs. Like us, animals are individuals and treatment plans will differ from one to another.

We are also able to offer boarding services for pets undergoing treatment. Boarding is suitable for pets who are travelling a long way who would suit an intensive physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment plan. Please
contact us for more information on our boarding services.
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