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Physiotherapy aims to promote mobility, quality of life and return to function. It uses a science based approach to enable owners to help their pets return to the activities they enjoy. All animals are assessed on an individual basis and then a treatment plan is designed to suit their individual needs. Treatment plans normally include one or more of the treatments listed below.

Treatments can include:
Hydrotherapy is water based exercise that can allow gradual progression back to normal activities. Due to the buoyancy of the water, the load on joints is reduced, movement of limbs is assisted and strengthening of the muscles can occur. As the dog is not required to weight bear fully, pain levels are reduced and movement of the joints is increased.

Our hydro pool is kept at 28 degrees and so the warmth of the water reduces muscle spasm and promotes blood circulation, which in turn promotes healing and reduces swelling. Hydrotherapy is also fantastic for maintaining or improving cardiovascular fitness and aiding in weight loss.

Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for animals following orthopaedic surgery, animals with osteoarthritis or chronic joint conditions such as hip/elbow dysplasia and those returning to activities after injury.
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Dog Canine Animal Hydrotherapy
We offer three forms of electrotherapy treatments:
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
LLLT is the use of light to have an effect on body tissue. The light is absorbed by the cell membranes within the tissues and this can have varying effects; including release of the bodies natural painkillers, stimulation of immune response, promotion of fibre building in musculature and stimulation of white blood cells to fight infection.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy
Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is the use of an electro magnetic field to bring about changes at a cellular level within the tissues of the body. By applying an electromagnetic field to affected areas it has been shown that bone healing can be influenced, pain relief can be achieved for arthritic and degenerative conditions, increased circulation to the affected area resulting in improved healing and pain relief following injury.

Ultrasound Therapy
Ultrasound Therapy is the absorption of sound waves by the body's tissues. Ultrasound waves are absorbed best by tendons, ligaments and scar tissue. The sound waves have a variety of effects on the tissues including the stimulation of white cells, platelets and mast cells. This causes existing inflammation in the tissues to be more effective and helps the body progress to the next stage of healing more efficiently.

Please visit
www.electrotherapy.org for more information on the above modalities.
Dog Canine Small Animal Ultrasound
Dog Canine Small Animal Electrotherapy
Manual Therapy
This can include soft tissue manipulation, gentle bony mobilisations, trigger point techniques and massage techniques. These techniques are all used to relieve tightness in musculature, stiffness in joints and compensations built up after injury or illness.

Exercise Therapy
Land based exercises are extremely important in order for animals to return to full function. By completing a programme of land based exercises, proprioception, co-ordination and strength can be improved. Exercises can include pole work, wobble board work and active exercises prescribed to engage specific muscle groups.

Dry Land Treadmill
Our purpose built canine treadmill allows us to assess your dog's walking pattern and treat a range of conditions. With varying inclines and declines we can tailor the treadmill programme to your dog and make it specific to their needs. The treadmill is fantastic for strengthening hind limbs and fore limbs, as well as aiding the transition between hydrotherapy and land based exercise. By using small weights on your dog's legs we can increase or decrease the intensity of exercise.
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Dog Canine Small Animal Treadmill
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