We are based at the Ark Veterinary Practice in Fleet and have two dedicated treatment rooms within the centre:

Physiotherapy room allows for a calm, dry setting in which animals can be assessed and/or treated in a stress free environment. Within the physiotherapy room there is a dry treadmill which is ideal for assessing gait and movement patterns, as well as being used for retraining muscle groups and gait re-education.

Our purpose built
Hydrotherapy room is a large space ideal for treating animals within our heated, indoor hydrotherapy pool. Facilities include a therapeutic shower system and professional drier to ensure pets are clean, warm and dry following their hydrotherapy session. Access to the pool is via an external and internal ramp, or we have a ceiling fitted hoist for those who require it.

All water management tests and control measures are recorded on a daily basis on our computer system. Water is also tested on a regular basis by a specialist company to ensure we are running at optimum conditions.

Car parking is easy at Burnside Animal Rehabilitation Centre with plenty of parking available on site. Please let us know if you need assistance bringing your dog from the car into the centre - we will be pleased to help you.

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