Age 11

Rocky saw his vet Emma at the Ark Veterinary Practice as he was getting slow on walks and struggling to get up and down from the floor. His owner was worried that he didn't seem to be enjoying walks anymore and that he seemed quieter and more reserved than he had been in the past. Emma diagnosed Rocky with osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is where the cushioning that sits between the bony surfaces in the joints (cartilage) starts to break down causing pain and discomfort. Emma prescribed him some anti-inflammatories and a joint supplement. She also suggested that Rocky commence some physiotherapy and hydrotherapy at Burnside to help strengthen his legs, improve movement in the joints and relieve pain.

Rocky came to Burnside feeling a bit sad and a bit sore. He quickly realised that he was born for rehabilitation though! He settled into enjoying his massage and LASER treatment every session which helped relieve muscle tension, reduce inflammation and reduce pain. His owner was given home exercises to do that would help Rocky use his legs more effectively, helping to reduce pain and strengthen the muscles.

He then commenced a programme of hydrotherapy which enabled Rocky to start strengthening the muscles in his back legs without the pressure on his joints that exercise on land exerts. Rocky started with twice weekly sessions which then reduced to once weekly and he now attends every other week to maintain the strength that he has built up and keep his joints supple, as well as enjoy his massage and LASER treatments.

Rocky now bounces into his session each time and his owner reports that he is back to his normal self out on walks, enjoying darting about as a labrador should!
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